Fortune Falls

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Everybody feels unlucky sometimes, like when you break a glass or skin your knee, right? But imagine if you were either lucky or unlucky for all your life. Welcome to Fortune Falls. And you know all those things you thought were superstitions, like if you break a mirror, seven years of bad luck? Welcome to Fortune Falls.

This little town is full of Luckies and Unluckies. At school, there’s a test. If it determines you Lucky, you get to go to Flourish Academy with your Lucky friends. If you’re Unlucky, you get shipped off Banes School for Luckless Adolescents, where you rarely see your family and you can’t hurt the Luckies. Sadie Bleeker lives in Fortune Falls. She hasn’t taken the test yet, but pretty much everyone knows she isn’t going to pass. Sadie, herself, knows it. But what if she could pass the test?

This chapter book is full of surprises and you can hardly expect what’s going to happen next. It’s very unique because you don’t read a lot of books where the superstitions are real. The book is written from first person point of view, which I like because you can feel what they feel and see what they’re thinking. Sadie almost seems familiar to me. This book is mysterious and wonderful. It is about how accident-prone, luckless Sadie changes her fate. With black cats, missing dogs, and rabbit’s feet, this story is truly an adventure.

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Author Jenny Goebel
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Scholastic Press
Publish Date 05-Jan-2016
ISBN 9780545811903
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Issue March 2016
Category Tweens


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