Dumpster Dog! (The Adventures of Dumpster Dog)

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Dumpster Dog lives in a dumpster with his friend, Flat Cat. Since Dumpster Dog lives in a dumpster, he is very dirty and smelly. In fact, he smells like sardines – yuck! One day, Dumpster Dog asks Flat Cat what owners are, because he has no idea what an owner could be. He realizes an owner is very important, and that he should have one. So, he goes in search of an owner.

Dumpster Dog spots a human, thinking this could be his new owner. But the man tries to sell him to a hot dog shop! The butcher thankfully doesn’t want Dumpster Dog, so the man takes him home and makes him a guard dog. A little girl gives Dumpster Dog a treat, and he instantly falls fast asleep, allowing burglars to steal from the man. Since he failed as a guard dog, the man gets rid of him. He finally ends up in the Animal Shelter, where he sees Flat Cat and the little girl again.

What new adventures await Dumpster Dog? Will the kind-hearted, smelly pooch ever find a forever home? I liked this book because it’s filled with adventure, and the pictures were fantastic.

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Author Colas Gutman
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Enchanted Lion Books
Publish Date 29-Jan-2019
ISBN 9781592702350
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Issue July 2019
Category Children's


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