Disaster’s Children: A Novel

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This is an interesting, dystopic story that highlights the dangers of climate change. Marlo has spent her life isolated from the outside world. Her entire world consists of life among wealthy people who anticipated the impact of climate change and set up a self-sustaining and “safe” rural compound. Her world is disrupted when a newcomer arrives and she falls for him. Marlo is trying to decide whether she should stay isolated or venture out into the rest of the world. We witness her struggles between wanting to stay and feeling pulled to life outside. The plot is not well developed beyond seeing some of Marlo’s inner struggle. The action that is present is usually just referred to as having happened or happening “out there.” Marlo is sheltered, privileged, yet self-conscious, and likable character. That is not the case for the other characters, including her parents. The writing is clear and has great, detailed descriptions that allow you to visualize much of what is going on. The problem is that there really is very little that is happening. There is some sexual content that makes it inappropriate for younger teens. The book is fine and raises some important things to consider but ultimately a bit boring and left me wishing there was more to the story.

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Author Emma Sloley
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Little A
Publish Date 2019-11-05
ISBN 9781542004060
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Issue November 2019
Category Young Adult


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