Devastation Class

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In the far future earth takes the leap to space, but finds more than they bargained for. JD Marshall and Viv Nixon have been best friends since ever. Together they trained to be the best of the elite cadets chosen to serve on a mission of science and exploration aboard the spaceship California. It’s supposed to be an easy mission, hardly more than a training exercise. An attack from an old enemy changes that. JD and Viv have no choice but to take control and try to keep the crew alive. A simple plan for an impossible task.

The plot is enjoyable, even though it wasn’t the story I expected from the dust jacket. The characters don’t have distinct voices. The flaws they have seem more of an afterthought and aren’t shown very well. Half the time characters are called by their first name the other half they’re called by their last making it confusing at times. Some of the characters are only there to die and I didn’t care enough about them when they did. I’m not sure why others are even there, they never do anything. The romantic subplot is annoying; it doesn’t affect the story and isn’t told well.

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Author Glen Zipper and Elaine Mongeon
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Blink
Publish Date 9/8/2020
ISBN 9780310769002
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Issue October 2020
Category Young Adult


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