Alex’s Ten-dollar Adventure

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This is a great book about a boy named Alex who gets five dollars for his birthday from his grandparents. He empties his piggy bank to discover another five dollars in there. When he realizes he has ten dollars he wants to go to the toy store and buy a Rocket Guy toy. On his way to the toy store he gets hot and stops and buys a glass of lemonade for 50 cents. A little while later he sees an ice cream shop and decides to buy some ice cream. When he finally gets to the toy store he finds out that because he got the lemonade and ice cream he doesn’t have enough money to buy the toy anymore. He is very sad. He goes home and decides to save the money he has left. At his birthday party his parents give him ten dollars so he can finally buy the Rocket Guy toy. What he decides to do with the money will surprise you!

My favorite thing about this book is that it teaches kids about saving their money and not always spending it on every little thing you think you want. I also like that it gives instructions at the end so you can build your own piggy bank. I think every kid should read this book so they can learn about saving money.

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Author Wendy Bailey, Ernie D'elia, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Three Bean Press
Publish Date 01-Sep-2014
ISBN 9780990331506
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Issue December 2014
Category Children's


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