Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse

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So it all started with this girl named Chloe and Adrian Simcox. Chloe did not believe Adrian had a horse. He was really poor, and he really wanted a horse because he didn’t have anything. And Chloe kept fighting with him that he didn’t have a horse; but he kept making it up because he wanted this horse as a pet so he could spend time with it. So then Chloe and Adrian made up and she said in her head, “He has quite an imagination.” You should always try to use your imagination if you want something you can’t have. What I like about the book is that Adrian kept saying he had a horse because I’ve always wanted a horse, I do admit. Everybody would like a horse, right? But Chloe never thought Adrian would have a horse because when she went to his house it was in a poor neighborhood; it was not “fancy dancy,” and she realized that poor people don’t have a lot of stuff. She learned you should always be patient and understanding with other people because it always turns out good if we’re kind to other people. I didn’t like that Chloe wasn’t being kind to him about him not having a horse and not understanding about him not having a horse. The moral of the story is always be kind and understanding. I would give this book five stars. I would recommend this book to people who need to learn to be kind and understanding to poor people or to everybody because everybody has a story.

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Author Marcy Campbell • Corinna Luyken, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Dial Books
Publish Date 2018-Aug-14
ISBN 9780735230378
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Issue February 2019
Category Children's


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