A History of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is a nation with a past which was quite hard for the neophyte historian to delve into for a number of reasons, foremost among them being that no single work with a circumstantiated timeline existed. Now, for the first time, a detailed overview of Zimbabwe’s complete antiquity is available in one concise volume that eloquently and efficiently describes the political, social, economic, religious, industrial, and cultural aspects of Zimbabwe throughout the ages.

This book was fantastic. Although it was fairly dry, it was far more engrossing than most other history books. The author presents nothing but the facts; he dutifully cites all his sources and makes exacting use of precise statistics to show the development of various facets of Zimbabwe. Most sections include numerous informative maps and tables, which are most helpful to the reader in visualizing how Zimbabwe has changed over the ages. The text is divided into chapters – each about a distinct era of Zimbabwean history – which are then subdivided into sections about smaller events, briefer periods of time, or one particular aspect of Zimbabwean culture. Overall, this book is an excellent overview and introduction, helpful to both the casual reader and the veteran historian.

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Author Alois S. Mlambo
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publish Date 07-Apr-2014
ISBN 9781107684799
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Issue November 2014
Category History


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