The Longest Afternoon: The 400 Men Who Decided the Battle of Waterloo

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The Battle of Waterloo was a pivotal moment in European history; it forever changed the balance of power between France, England, and the German states and laid the foundation for warfare during the next hundred years. The most crucial part of this battle was waged over a small, nondescript farm, where a few plucky German legionaries boldly and bravely held back the seemingly inexorable tide; this bought the Allies enough time for the Prussian forces to arrive and deploy.

Although this book is not particularly long or dense, it is certainly not for the newcomer. The work is intended for an audience well-versed in the lore of Waterloo; few explanations of characters, locations, or events are given, although the narrative makes many powerful points. It is easy to visualize the troop movements because of the copious detail and excellently chosen vocabulary. This work is intended to convey the importance of a location and engagement to those who are familiar with the battle described, and it fulfills its purpose admirably. I would recommend it to all students of Napoleon’s fall.

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Author Brendan Simms
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Basic Books
Publish Date 10-Feb-2015
ISBN 9780465064823
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Issue March 2015
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