A Fragile Enchantment

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Niamh is a tailor, eking out a living for herself and her family by weaving magic into the garments she sews. When her talents catch the attention of the neighboring kingdom, Avaland, Niamh is whisked away to work on the wardrobe for the royal wedding of the century. Desperate to prove herself in front of the world, Niamh throws herself into her work.

But she wasn’t counting on the trouble brewing in the castle, or her growing friendship with the groom, Kit. As a gossip columnist threatens to derail her relationship with Kit and her job in the wedding, Niamh must ask herself what her love is worth… and if it’s worth sacrificing everything she has worked so hard for.

This book will delight any fans of romantic fantasy and historical fiction! The prose is beautiful, and the author did an amazing job fleshing out the characters and dynamics within the castle. The romance was swoon-worthy and kept me turning the pages! While I did feel that we could have learned more about Kit and Niamh’s magic, as well as the overall-world building, it was still a charming tale. Any fan of romance and magic will love this!

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Author Allison Saft
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Publish Date 23-Jan-2024
ISBN 9781250892836
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Issue March 2024
Category Young Adult