Where You See Yourself

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Where You See Yourself by Claire Forrest has touched me in many ways. It is a story about a girl who has cerebral palsy. (I have personal experience with experiencing challenges in the world because I have autism.) The author has cerebral palsy as well, so this could be considered a “life story” or perhaps even a “memoir.”

She is writing it through the eyes of Effie (her real name is Efumia Galanos, a very unusual name indeed), who just so happens to be like Forrest herself. At Prospect University, at a shop called Menards, everywhere: she is discriminated against because she has a wheelchair. She struggles to get through New York City because of all the teasing. The story is peppered with emails to give further proof that Effie is Carol Forrest!

I have also experienced discrimination (and gotten a detention once) because I have autism. I can relate to Carol Forrest (and Effie) in a variety of ways. I hope many people with disabilities can relate to Effie in some way or another. And what’s more, the book is divided into sections representing the seasons, which also adds to the story of the challenging life that Effie lives in.

I appreciated that this book presents difficulties with honesty and also encourages communication and hope. Despite not having a physical disability, I found myself to be Effie in some way. I give this book five stars.

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Author Claire Forrest
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Publish Date 18-Apr-2023
ISBN 9781338813838
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Issue April 2023
Category Young Adult