Violet Made of Thorns

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Violet is the royal court’s Seer, inventing prophecies to secure her livelihood at the palace. Her position is about to be jeopardized when Prince Cyrus threatens to throw her out once he’s king – something Violet won’t accept without a fight.

When the king asks her to predict Cyrus’s marriage, Violet knows she’s in trouble. Especially when she brings to life a curse – and how it will end all depends on Cyrus’s choice of wife.

But when Violet develops feelings for Cyrus, there is more at stake than just the kingdom. Complicating things is the arrival of a mysterious woman named Raya, who Violet believes might be the key to everything that’s happening. Can Violet save the kingdom?

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this book. I expected it to be a riveting fantasy with romantic elements, but instead, it was more of an enemies-to-lovers drama. Violet and Cyrus’s relationship felt forced, and they had no development other than their somewhat instant attraction. The plot felt weirdly disjointed at times, and it kept me from wanting to finish the book. This type of story was not for me, but I would recommend this book to fans of romance and fairy-tale fantasy.

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Author Gina Chen
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Publish Date 26-Jul-2022
ISBN 9780593427538
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Issue October 2022
Category Young Adult