The Wicked Awakening of Anne Merchant: Book Two of the V Trilogy

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Anne Merchant just barely managed to escape. But then her “guardian,” Teddy Rier, goes and drags her back. Once again stuck in Cania Christy, Anne, along with the Zins, faces punishment for her actions. Now with the traitor, Pilot Stone, as her new guardian (and her punishment, all rolled up into a neat package), slutty Harper as her roommate, and a new headmaster (devil?) Dia Voletto, Anne must find a way to complete the impossible mission that her mother and Teddy have shoved off on her. Will she be able to complete the mission and save everyone? Will she be able to find out who is really her enemy before it’s too late?

I was actually pretty disappointed with this book. I was really excited for it because I had liked the first Anne Merchant book a lot, but this just didn’t meet my expectations. It’s way more awkward and confusing than the first. The end didn’t clear anything up for me and really just made me even more confused. Maybe the next book will be better, but for me, this one doesn’t live up to the first story.

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Author Joanna Wiebe
Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher BenBella Books
Publish Date 20-Jan-2015
ISBN 9781940363295
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Issue February 2015
Category Young Adult


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