The Veggie Patch Bandits

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Mr. Bagban loves his garden, and so do the raccoons, chipmunks, and deer. Not to mention the rabbits and squirrels! Will Mr. Bagban ever get to enjoy his garden or will the critters eat him out of house and home? When Mr. Bagban doesn’t get any food, he stops gardening during the winter, and then in the spring, his creative solution pleases everybody.

The Veggie Patch Bandits by Riya Aarini is a good book. It’s a little confusing about how Mr. Bagban decides to change his mind. First, he tried keeping the animals out and then he didn’t. But in the end, Mr. Bagban and the critters get along. The pictures were interesting and it was very funny when Mr. Bagban threw his hat down and stomped on it. It was a very fun and cool story. By the end, Mr. Bagban and the critters liked each other and got along. I liked how the squirrels shared their nuts and the chipmunks burped a lot. It was not very spooky, so that was good.

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Author Riya Aarini
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Riya Aarini
Publish Date 05-Jun-2021
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Issue July 2021
Category Children's