The Giver

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The Giver is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a community of black and white. No one knows anything about the outside, including anything bad. Jonas is nervous about the ceremony of twelve. That is when they decide which jobs they’ll have in their adult lives. At the end of the ceremony, Jonas is picked for the Receiver of Memory. This is a very special job. When he starts training, he goes to the current Giver’s house. The training was nothing like what he thought it would be. The Giver must share with Jonas memories of war, death, and pain. Jonas starts to question everything about his life and his community.

The Giver was a book written many years ago, but this is the new graphic-novel version. The Giver is the first graphic novel I have reviewed. I wanted to review it because my mom and dad both said it was a really good book. I was a bit disappointed because it sounded good when it was described, but not as good when I read it. The Giver wasn’t my favorite book. I talked about the different things that happen in The Giver with my mom, and she thinks it was too old for me and that I might like it more when I am older. I am eleven years old and would recommend this to teens and older. I did like the illustrations, even though they were mainly black and white. When the Giver gives Jonas memories, the illustrations are in color. I finished The Giver in one night; it’s definitely a page-turner.

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Author Lois Lowry • P. Craig Russell, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 2019-02-05
ISBN 9780544157880
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Issue May 2019
Category Young Adult


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