Star Wars: Lando’s Luck

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Lando is playing Sabacc with Zel, a Lynna. Bounty hunters show up and arrest both Lando and Zel, but for different reasons. Lando has smuggled purple glandis flower juice onto the planet illegally, and Zel has traitorously been plotting to steal the Solstice Globe from the royal treasury.

Little does Queen Forsythia know that her daughter, Princess Rinetta, is also in on the plot. She convinces the queen to let Lando take the Solstice Globe to the Empire for payment, but she actually wants Lando to help her return it to Zel’s home planet of Linvo III.

When Lando discovers Rinetta stowed away on the Falcon, he has to decide between being selfish and being a hero. Lando enjoys living life on his own terms, but he also wants to be a legend. What will he choose?

L3-37 is Lando’s clever, human-like droid that never does what she’s told. Her character adds a lot of humor to the story. The story is well-written and exciting with engaging characters. It has more difficult vocabulary than most children’s books, so it would not be ideal for young readers. But for established readers who love Star Wars, it doesn’t get better than this! I love this book!

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Author Justina Ireland • Annie Wu, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Disney Lucasfilm Press
Publish Date 2018-10-02
ISBN 9781368041508
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Issue Mar-19
Category Tweens


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