Saltwater Secrets

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I did not really like Saltwater Secrets because it was hard to focus on. I only could get one page done a day because when I got the opportunity, I always looked for something else to do. Even though the name of the person who is talking is the chapter title, I had trouble knowing who is talking, and I had these thoughts in the middle of the chapter like “why is Josie saying her own name instead of I?” then I realized that Stella was the one narrating, and I thought “I wish they could make who was talking more clear.” One thing I liked about the book is the cover art. It was detailed and I really liked it. I don’t like that they were sometimes fighting because I like peace and quiet.

This story can happen in real life, but with different facts. I think it would be fun to solve a mystery with my sisters, or better yet with my best friends.

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Author Cindy Callaghan
Star Count 2/5
Format Hard
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Aladdin
Publish Date 2020-04-28
ISBN 9781534417441
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Issue May 2020
Category Tweens


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