Princess Sophie and the Six Swans: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm

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This is the story of Princess Sophie. When she was a little girl, her mother passed away and her father (the king), married another woman, who cast an evil spell on Sophie’s six brothers. They were turned into six swans and wouldn’t return to human form until Sophie made coats for each one of them. During that time, she wasn’t allowed to speak. Would Sophie be able to break the evil spell and save her brothers? This is a fairy tale with a lot of paintings in the book. One of the things that I really liked about this story was that Princess Sophie loved her six brothers and was loyal to them. At one point in the story, she almost had to choose between her brothers and her baby. I admire the way that Sophie worked and struggled to save her brothers. I also liked the way the story ended – it was a very beautiful ending. One other thing that I really liked about the book was reading the author’s note at the end. The author, Kim Jacobs, said that she chose swans in the story because of their loyalty and strength. These two qualities show up a lot in this story. I think that girls who enjoy fairy tales would really like this book. It’s sort of like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale!

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Author Kim Jacobs, Adapter • Kim Jacobs, Illustrator
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Wisdom Tales
Publish Date 2017-Apr-01
ISBN 9781937786670
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Issue July 2017
Category Children's


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