Nobody is Ever Missing

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With an inability to escape the ghosts of her past, accept the unfulfilling mendacity of the now or face the transience of any future, Elyria leaves to stay lost. Once in New Zealand, across the world from her troubles and unknowing husband, she hitchhikes into the lives of strangers in hopes of never having to say she’s sorry, never having to be needed or noticed or responsible for the violent wildebeest that threatens to consume her and the wants she wishes she wanted. With this disheveled sense of freedom, she discovers she relies on an unreality full of impossible expectations, misplaced emotions and the tangibility of loss.

This is a story of fervor, fear and fitful grasping., of lingering in isolation, evoking honesty and defining moments. This is a story that will force you to recognize despair and change your mind about things you didn’t even know you thought you knew, that will awaken and challenge every facade and fabrication you believed to be true. I found myself gripped by the quiet tragedy of understanding that emptiness can be opaque, invisibility cannot be overlooked, and to be human is to be dangerous to ourselves and to each other.

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Author Catherine Lacey
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher FSG Originals
Publish Date 08-Jul-2014
ISBN 9780374534493
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Issue November 2014
Category Modern Literature


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