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Legendborn is an amazing book about a teenager named Bree who is suffering from trauma after the death of her mother. Bree decides to go to college early with her best friend Alice. When they arrive, Charlotte Simpson, a girl Bree knew from high school, charges into Bree and Alice’s dorm room and demands that they join her at a party. Bree agrees and goes to the party with Alice. She watches teenagers jumping off of cliffs when suddenly a boy with angry golden eyes appears behind her. He seems strange so Bree follows him when he runs off into the forest. When she gets to the center of the party she sees four football players wrestling. Bree looks up and sees a swirling mass of green hovering over the fighting football players. Suddenly a girl yells and tells everybody to get out of there, but Bree stays hidden in the bramble. The girl and the strange boy stay behind and kill the green mass. When the golden-eyed boy turns around and sees Bree, he magically tries to wipe her memory of what she saw. Usually, this works for him, but somehow his magic doesn’t work on Bree. She remembers everything. Soon she finds herself in the middle of a war. If you want to find out if Bree can survive the battle and emerge victorious, grab a copy and curl up in your favorite chair.

This book is filled with great battles, a small love story, and a lot of fantasy. I would recommend this story to fantasy or romance-loving teenagers. I would recommend Legendborn to kids thirteen years and older because it has a little bit of mature language, but other than that I really enjoyed the book as it was a great read.

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Author Tracy Deonn
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 512 pages
Publisher Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publish Date 2020-Sep-15
ISBN 9781534441606
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Issue December 2020
Category Young Adult


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