Hour of the Assassin: A Novel

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Matthew Quirk is also the author of The Night Agent, Dead Man Switch, Cold Barrel Zero, The Direct, The 500, and many more.

Hour of the Assassin by Matthew Quirk author of The Night Agent, Dead Man Switch, Cold Barrel Zero, The Direct, The 500, and many more.

Nick Averose was once a Secret Service Agent, which he spent a decade protecting the most powerful men in America. Operating as Secret Service Agent, Nick Averose manifested a unique gift: the ability to think like an assassin. Nick Averose took advantage of this gift and now uses it as a “red teamer”, testing the security around the highest officials to find vulnerabilities in their security system. His latest and last assignment was to evaluate the security surrounding the former CIA director, Widener, at his DC-area home. Once he breached into the main office he arrived at a dead body laying on the floor. It has become clear that someone else here has attacked the former CIA director right under Nick’s nose. Having no evidence that Nick is innocent. How will he expose the murderer who killed Widener and protect himself and the people he loves? Framed and running for his life, he discovers how far some men would go, just to obtain the highest position in this land.

I would recommend this book to young adults who enjoy mystery and adventure novels. This book has 106 chapters in 337 pages, which means each chapter has about three pages of content. Sometimes between chapters, they switch characters; for example, one chapter is about Nick escaping, then the next chapter would be about Grey, the person seeking him and trying to find clues in the murder case.

I really love how the book always leaves the end of the chapter as a cliffhanger. This makes you want to read more so that you will be able to progress through the book to find out what happens to our main character. Even though many chapters you come across are short, they still leave a lot of detail in what is going on with both sides. So you could say that they are short and sweet.

The author, Matthew Quirk, wrote many excellent books, so I assume the book, Hour of the Assassin would be just as good, or even better than, his previous books. He has still exceeded my expectations.

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Author Matthew Quirk
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher William Morrow
Publish Date 2020-03-31
ISBN 9780062875495
Amazon Buy this Book
Issue April 2020
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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