Home: A Peek-Through Picture Book

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Home is the story of a little bear with his mama bear who walks around and sees other animals in the forest and their homes. Baby bear knows that everyone needs a home, and he sees the other animals’ homes as he walks around. He sees an owl first up in a tree and squirrels running around. (I didn’t know that their home is called a drey.) Then there are beavers who build their home with sticks in the water. Then birds make nests and fish are in the water.

There are other animals after this, and each one tells what kind of home they have. When you see each animal, it is neat because they are in a hole in the page that you can see through. I liked that part of the book, and the pictures are pretty, too. I also like that the words are rhyming and that I could read them all. Kids of any age will like this story.

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