¡Eso no es normal! (Español Egalité) (Spanish Edition)

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Eso No Es Normal is a book about an elephant with an unusually long trunk. The elephant gets along with almost all the animals, except the hippo, who thinks its trunk is not normal. One day, the hippo is making fun of the elephant when all the animals come to them with shocking news: The hippo’s son is in danger!

I enjoyed the book’s colorful illustrations, and I am sure a young reader would as well. This book shows that sometimes things seen as abnormal or strange can be helpful and not something to be judged and ridiculed. The Spanish was at an intermediary level so, with the occasional help of Google Translate, it shouldn’t be too hard to get through for non-native speakers.

Can the animals work together to save the hippo’s son? To figure it out, you must read the book.

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Author Mar Pavón
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher NubeOcho
Publish Date 08-Nov-2021
ISBN 9788417673734
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Issue January 2022
Category Children's