Escaping Dreamland: A Novel

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A compelling story that jumps the gap between generations. After many happy months with his girlfriend and recent success with his debut book, Robert Parrish’s life takes an unexpected turn. This turn leaves his relationship on thin ice and reaching into the past to fulfill a childhood promise. This promise takes him on a journey through the history of the twelve books that changed his life. In turn, his odyssey takes him back to 1906 Manhattan, but every discovery leads to more questions. Robert’s quest is intertwined with the stories of three young people trying to define and create their own place in the world at the start of a new century. The parallelity between their journies creates a story that is crafted with expertise and an ode to children’s series books.

The back and forth nature of the book allows the reader to put the pieces in the puzzle themselves and solve the mystery along with Robert. It also allows the audience to relate the three young authors to the young Robert Parrish. Throughout the novel, the audience can see Robert blossoming and getting out of the shell that he had put himself in because of his past. Robert is able to break free and face his past and conquer it. I highly recommend this book as it is good-natured and can be enjoyable for many.

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Author Charlie Lovett
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 398 pages
Publish Date 2020-09-22
ISBN 9781982629403
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Issue November 2020
Category Historical Fiction


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