Courageous Creatures (I Survived True Stories #4)

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I love the I Survived books. I check them out from the library all the time. I don’t know if it’s the very interesting facts or the pictures. (I wish they were in color on my copy!) These are my parents’ favorite books to have in the car because every time we pick them up, we can read more interesting facts and stories. One of my favorite animals is the dolphin. I flipped through to read all the stories about dolphins first. I also love the back of the book and how it gives you more books to read. I have already gotten a few from the library.

There was a story of a pigeon in WW1. I read it to my grandpa, and whenever I go to The Smithsonian, I want to see this statue! This book is full of interesting facts I can tell my class about when school starts again.

Overall, I think this book (and the rest of the I Survived books) are great gifts for all levels of readers. My little sister likes pictures more and can read this book. My older sister likes to read and still picks this book up a lot. I love real books with real stories, so this is exactly what I am always looking for. I love that this book also tells about the people who help animals. That is something I want to do someday!

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Author Lauren Tarshis
Star Count 5/5
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Publish Date 02-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781338317947
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Issue July 2023
Category Children's