Cleopatra in Space #2: The Thief and the Sword

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Cleopatra in Space #2: The Thief and the Sword is the second book of the series. It is a graphic novel. It starts with a mysterious boy showing up at Yasiro Academy during the Winter Dance. Yasiro Academy is where Cleopatra is studying after having been time-transported from her time in the past to many, many years in the future. She is the prophesied savior of the future galaxy and though still a student is sent out on real missions. The boy steals the Sword of Kebechet, which Cleopatra recovered in book one. The rest of the book deals with Cleopatra’s attempt to get the sword back.

I liked this book, but not quite as much as I liked the first book. One reason is that there are long conversations here and there is also a super-long chase scene that did not have to be quite so long. The pictures are well drawn and the story does move forward and end on a cliff-hanger so I want to read the next book when it comes out. You should probably read book one before going to this one so it makes more sense.

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Author Mike Maihack
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher GRAPHIX
Publish Date 28-Apr-2015
ISBN 9780545528443
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Issue May 2015
Category Tweens


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