Celtic Mythology: Tales of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

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This is a collection of Celtic myths. Most of them are about the Celtic warriors. For example, there is the story of Cu Chulainn, a very fierce warrior. He was super strong, and no one could ever defeat him. Basically, whenever the people needed a hero, they called on him. In one story, a giant walked into a group of feasting warriors and challenged them to see if someone could cut off his head, but then the next day he would cut off the warrior’s head. One warrior cut off the giant’s head, but to everyone’s surprise, the giant picked up his head and walked out. When the giant returned the next morning, that warrior had fled. This happened for several days, until finally Cu Chulainn took his turn. After cutting off the giant’s head, he was the only one who stayed for the retribution the next morning. When the giant returned, he congratulated Cu Chulainn for his integrity.

There are many other stories, about Cu Chulainn and others. They are interesting and well written, but they are not meant for children. Many are bloody, violent, and have other mature themes. It is a good collection for a serious student of Celtic mythology.

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Author Philip Freeman
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 296 pages
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publish Date 2017-Mar-01
ISBN 9780190460471
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Issue June 2017
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