Black Canary: Breaking Silence (DC Icons Series)

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//Black Canary, Breaking Silence// is a young adult novel which takes place in an DC alternate universe and is filled with action, superheroes, romance, and mystery.

In a DC universe where Bruce Wayne is dead along with his parents, Batman is just a legend, and the court of Owls rules Gotham, the women have lost their ability to sing. Except for one high school student, Dinah Lance, the daughter of a Police officer and late, former Black Canary, Dinah Drake.

Dinah Lance’s life could be called average for Gotham, but she wants a change, she wants to be able to sing, make her voice be heard. She stumbles upon her mothers old sheet music and records, and she listens and sings, all while keeping one eye open for the talons that lurk on every corner.
Then a new student catches her eye, Oliver Queen, who had just moved to Gotham. His parents, who died in a tragic accident, were supportive of the Talons, so Dinah had been prepared to hate him, but turns out,he is on her side. Oliver and Dinah join the resistance and the two teens have to go on a daring rescue mission. After one of Dinah’s friends gets taken, and Barbara Gordon, who is one of the main leaders of the resistance, is there to help them.

With some familiar faces and some new, this book was a great addition to my bookshelves. Though the book itself had no illustrations, the writing had no problem painting detailed pictures into my head. It had a great story, and I would recommend it to long time DC lovers, people new to DC, feminists, and mature 11 year olds and up. I give this book 5 stars, as it was an extremely captivating story.

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Author Alexandra Monir
Star Count 5 Stars !! Loved it !/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Random House
Publish Date 29-Dec-2020
ISBN 9780593178317
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Issue February 2024
Category Young Adult