Ali Cross

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Ali Cross was above and beyond. I love mystery books in general, but Ali Cross is one of my favorite books. Not one of my favorite MYSTERY books, one of my all-time FAVORITE books.

Ali Cross is about a boy whose father is a detective. Alex Cross is well known in James Patterson’s adult mystery books. Ali Cross’ friend Gabriel disappears when the winter break begins. Meanwhile, Alex Cross, Ali’s dad, is anxiously awaiting whether or not he will be going to jail. This is what happened: Alex was just going to interview the father of someone that has been put in jail but the father wasn’t having it. Then, the father accidentally fell down the steps and hit his head. He was soon in a coma. Now, many people are saying that Alex PUSHED the father and if he dies they will say that he murdered him. I know that it gets off to a rocky start, but it soon gets better. They are making progress on finding Gabriel. But Ali gets into a fight at school about Alex’s trial.

To find out how it ends, you’ll have to read the book! You’ll love it!

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Author James Patterson
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher jimmy patterson
Publish Date 2019-11-25
ISBN 9780316530415
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Issue February 2020
Category Tweens


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