Flying Lessons (Owly #3)

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I liked this book. The emoji text that Owly speaks in is unique and cool to me. The drawings were great, had good style, and the plot was interesting. My favorite character was Shadow, the flying squirrel; although all of the characters in the book were likable and relatable. This book is perfect for younger readers who are just starting to read like me. (I’d say, five to ten years old.) The cover art was amazing, it showed an actual scene in the book instead of a pretty drawing. My favorite part was when Mrs. Raccoon gave Owly and Wormy nuts and berries for their new friend, Shadow the Flying Squirrel. I like that the characters aren’t perfect, and make mistakes sometimes, but they always come back from them. I enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it for anyone, not just younger people, but people who are looking for a great book. This whole series is great!

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Author Andy Runton
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Scholastic
Publish Date 06-Apr-2021
ISBN 9781338300697
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Issue August 2021
Category Sequential Art - Kids