Captain Sparky and the Pool Pirates

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Meet Sparky. Sparky is a normal fourth-grade girl like all of her other classmates. However, she can’t swim, but she loves going to the pool. One day, her mom tells her that she needs to make a story for English class. In the pool, Sparky makes up an amazing story that’s all about her journey as a pirate captain and her pirate pool friends, Gobble, Bobble, and Wobble. All of her classmates are intrigued by Sparky’s adventures and storytelling, and they wonder if Sparky is a real-life pirate captain. Is her whole story true or not? That’s up to you!

I loved this wonderful book, and I thought all the characters were all super funny and interesting. I loved how brave Sparky was, and how funny King Fry and the turkey on Jurkey Turkey Island was. I also loved how silly and unique the pirates were, like when they tried to teach Sparky how to be a pirate, they said pirates only sneeze once a year. I thought it was very interesting when Sparky made a deal that Gobble, Bobble, and Wobble would teach her to be a pirate, and Sparky would teach them to be nice because pirates aren’t nice. <br><br>I also really loved the short poem at the beginning of the book that the author wrote because I found it very nice. I liked that Sparky brought her pet turtle, Morris, to the pool because she thought he might teach her how to swim. I also liked the main concept of the story, where Sparky goes on a pirate journey in her head, and all the funny things that pirates do. I thought the art was very lively and joyful, I liked all the silly little doodles in the front of the book, and the way it stood out to me was very fun.

My favorite character was Sparky, because she was smart, brave, and kind throughout the book. My favorite part was when Sparky cut up her nicest pants and put holes in her best shirt and wrote “pirate” on it (her mom was not happy with her). However, I had a lot of favorite parts in the book, so it was very hard to choose. I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes books about pirates, the pool, and make-believe stories. Readers will surely be swept away by Sparky and her silly imagination!

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Author T. E. Antonino
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 102
Publisher T. E. Antonino
Publish Date 21-Oct-2023
ISBN 9798864965146
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Issue March 2024
Category Early Reader