Zap! Nicola Tesla Takes Charge

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Zap! Nikola Tesla Takes Charge, written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Bill Slavin, is about the man who created the Tesla Coil, Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a good man and worked with Thomas Edison – until Thomas refused to pay Nikola, so Nikola stopped working with him. But a question still remained: who would light up America? More power stations needed to be built and so Nikola saw that 112 more were made. Nikola made a power station that went from Washington to California. After that, Nicola earned $100 and “lit up America.”

I actually liked this book because it taught me a lot about Nikola Tesla, and how important he was. I didn’t know much about him until I read this book. I disliked that people didn’t respect Nikola and there were people who were rude to him. This book kept me interested and I learned a lot.It was in a story form, and I liked that because it helped me understand the facts better. I would like to read more about Nikola Tesla, and other famous inventors. I thought that the illustrations were very good in this book.

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Author Monica Kulling • Bill Slavin, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Tundra Books
Publish Date 2016-08-02
ISBN 9781770495227
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Issue October 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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