Why Dogs Have Wet Noses 

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This is a book about a dog that goes aboard the ark and becomes Noah’s pet. As the rain falls, all the animals pack umbrellas and stuff and head to the ark. Noah is always very busy. As soon as he feeds the last animal dinner, the first one wakes up and is ready for breakfast. After 20 days, the boat springs a leak. The hole is very small but all the same, water pours in, and fast. Then Noah realizes that his dog’s nose is just the right size to fit in the hole. While everybody else parties because the ark is saved, down in the storeroom the dog sits very still. All of a sudden, they hit something.

Land Ho! Everybody climbs out of the ark, but as they are going back to their homes, Noah realizes he forgot something… his dog. He runs back to the ark and pulls him from the hole. Now all dogs in the world have wet noses.

I like how it’s the story of Noah’s Ark but much funnier. There are funny things happening on every page, like animals eating lollipops, a wet rabbit in a towel, and a dinosaur. I like that the pictures are detailed with shadows but some of them are not colored in. When you are looking at the ark, the pictures show you the walls but also what’s inside the rooms. You can find new things every time you read the story. I love this book!

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Author Kenneth Steven
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Enchanted Lion Books
Publish Date 23-Jun-2015
ISBN 9781592701735
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Issue December 2015
Category Children's


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