What Wonders Do You See… When You Dream?

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What Wonders Do You See…When You Dream? is a bedtime story about dreaming, and it’s about what you do when you are getting ready for bed. The story says how good nighttime is and how dreams can be magical. In the story, the boy and girl starts to get ready for bed. They put away books, they have to be quiet, they get all the wiggles out, and they snuggle in their beds to get ready to sleep and dream. You need to close your eyes when you sleep and dream. When you dream, it is magical.

I think this is a good bedtime story because it rhymes and because they talk about bedtime stuff that help you fall asleep. I do all the same stuff like putting away my books, brushing my teeth, getting into my pj’s just like the boy and girl. I like the story because some parts were silly like when the girl and boy are in the bathroom, there’s a cat in the sink and the boy’s toothbrush is brushing itself. Another silly part was when there were eyes underneath the girls’ bed. It made me laugh. I think those eyes are the niggles, but I don’t know what a niggle is. The hairy monsters are cute. 

I like the illustrations in this book. A lot of them were silly. Like the beginning of the story, the boy is trying to pick a giant mushroom and the birds are saying “sleep.” I’ve never seen a giant mushroom, and birds usually don’t talk. Another silly drawing was the bunnies helping the boy and girl clean up their toys. I noticed something weird in the book. The first time when the girl opened her mouth, all her teeth were there. The second time the girl opened her mouth, one of her teeth was missing. 

Something I dream about is being a grown-up and having my own house. And I dream about Harry Potter and having magic, too. I recommend this book to anyone who likes bedtime stories and to anyone who has a big imagination.

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Author Justine Avery
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Suteki Creative
Publish Date 17-Oct-2019
ISBN 9781948124225
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Issue October 2019
Category Children's


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