Welcome, Wombat

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This book I recommend for animal lovers of any kind. If you specifically love wombats or want to learn more about them in a fun enchanting way then you should definitely get this book. Kama Einhorn, captures the spirits of the wombats in this book. She writes this book in the point of view of Chance the Wombat. He is telling his new little friend, a wombat new to the sanctuary in Australia, about how things are. There is a sanctuary for wombats called “Sleepy Burrows” which is where this book takes place. I have been educated with many facts from this book and I found it very fun to read as well. Some of the facts I learned are wombats only live in Australia, they are loners, so they live by themselves all their lives unless the wombat is a female, then they live with their baby. Only for a little while do the babies live with their mothers. Also, they are mammals and make their own burrows, but mostly take others burrows that the animals moved out of. I definitely think you should get this book, it’s really informational and interesting.

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Author Kama Einhorn
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 2018-11-20
ISBN 9781328767028
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Issue Mar-19
Category Tweens


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