Voices of the Western Frontier

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Voices of the Western Frontier is about 15 people between 1806 and 1900 who explored the frontier. Each page is a picture and writing from a different person in history. We meet real people, like Sacagawea and Annie Oakley, as well as made up people like a little girl on the Oregon Trail, a merchant, a cowboy, a boy on his first train ride and a sheriff in Kansas. Each person describes what their life is like, what they might see or do, and what is like in the frontier.

I liked Voices of the Western Frontier because it is showing the history of our country from people who lived during that time. I thought it was neat that there was a cowboy who is driving his herd of longhorns up the Chisholm Trail, since a part of the Chisholm Trail is only a few minutes from my house in Texas. I really liked the map so show where each person is located in the United States, I kept flipping back and forth to the map while I was reading each page.

I liked this book best when my mom read it to me since there was a lot of writing. I think other kids would like this book, especially if they are learning about the history.

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Author Sherry Garland, Julie Buckner, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Pelican Publishing
Publish Date 26-Jan-2016
ISBN 9781455619610
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Issue April 2016
Category Children's


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