Violet and the Crumbs: A Gluten-Free Adventure

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I was interested to read Violet and the Crumbs: A Gluten-Free Adventure when I found out about it because I know a few people who can’t eat gluten and I wanted to learn more about it. In the story, a girl named Violet can’t eat gluten because she has celiac disease, which is when your body makes you sick when you eat food with gluten in it. Violet gets sad and mad about her celiac disease, mostly because other kids and adults don’t understand what it’s about and that there can’t even be crumbs that have gluten, or else she’ll still get sick. Violet has to teach the kids in her class about gluten-free food and makes some new friends when she does it, too.

Violet and the Crumbs taught me what foods are likely to have gluten in them; I didn’t know much about it until now. I have some family and I know of a teacher who is gluten-free, so this book has helped me understand them better. I liked the story a lot, and the pictures are colorful and show exactly what’s going on.

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Author Abigail Rayner
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher NorthSouth Books
Publish Date 19-Apr-2022
ISBN 9780735844858
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Issue June 2022
Category Children's