Vegan Recipes from Spain

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Spain has a long, varied and delicious culinary history that begs exploration, but for those following a vegan diet, the traditional cuisine, frequently centered around meat and fish, may seem unapproachable and frustrating. However, Chef Gonzalo Baro loves his native food culture, and through innovative adaptations and original recipes has found a way to bring Spanish flavors and dishes to every palate, Vegan included. This beautiful cookbook includes dozens of recipes for appetizers; Tapas, Pinchos, and Starters (with an explanation of the difference between these), main courses, and even desserts. Each are accompanied by a gorgeous photo of the dish, taken by the practiced and artful hand of the chef himself. A deeply nuanced, layered vegetable broth with the usual vegetables and with the surprising addition of plums for depth, or a garlicky aioli with lemon juice and olive oil. Paella and Potato Omelette (Tortilla Espanola) are two of Spain’s most iconic dishes, and so Vegan versions are included for each, full of vibrant spices and flavors. Don’t forget to end your meal with a refreshing Pomegranate Granita, or even a lovely Coconut and Almond Flan. Vegetables and pulses are truly exquisite in these dishes. The recipes vary in difficulty; none are particularly challenging, but some may seem arduous, and you will need to plan for enough time to soak, or marinate, or cook the various components before assembling and serving. Others call for ingredients such as egg or meat substitutes (not the Tortilla though – that uses chickpea flour), but the focus is really on enjoying the freshest, most colorful Spanish produce and cuisine to very its fullest, whatever your dietary style.

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Author Gonzalo Baró
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Grub Street Cookery
Publish Date 2018-08-16
ISBN 9781911621164
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