Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action

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This book explains why you should choose a vegan lifestyle and how our choices can create a world that is more kind. It describes the cruel treatment of animals used for entertainment in zoos, animal parks, aquariums, racing, circuses, and rodeos. Being vegan is better for the environment. The author suggests growing your own organic fruits and vegetables or purchasing them from local farmers. Animal farms are cruel and they create more pollution than all the vehicles in the world. The forests, oceans, and arctic are all harmed by animal farms, fishing, and pollution.

In the back of the book, there is a list of things kids can do. Some of the items on the list are: Rescue pets instead of buying a pet. Make your yard a bird and bee sanctuary. Use cloth bags instead of plastic to protect animals.

Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action is a really good book. I have been vegetarian my whole life and want to be a vegan. I think all kids should read this book so they understand how their choices affect animals and the environment.

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Author Ruby Roth
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 44 pages
Publisher North Atlantic Books
Publish Date 4/24/2014
ISBN 9781583943540
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Issue May 2014
Category Children's


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