Up and Down Mom (Child’s Play Library)

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Sometimes people will act happy, and then at other times, they act sad. Most people don’t have a problem with going from happy to sad, but other people do. In Up and Down Mom, a boy is telling the reader about his mom. He says that they can have a lot of fun together and do things like cook together or play dress-up; then other times, his mom stays in bed all day or at least doesn’t act very happy throughout the day. The boy’s mom’s behavior is tiring for him sometimes, but even though this happens to his mom, he still loves her because she’s his mom. The boy’s mom has bipolar disorder that makes you act super happy when you’re in a good mood, and then super sad when you’re feeling bad. I did not know about bipolar disorder before reading this book; I don’t know anyone that has this, so it’s not something with which I’m familiar. I feel better now that I know what it is for if I see someone that acts like this mom. I think this is a good book for anyone because it’s a good story and also teaches you.

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Author Summer Macon
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Childs Play Intl Ltd
Publish Date 2020-04-15
ISBN 9781786283405
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Issue July 2020
Category Children's


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