Twisted True Tales From Science: Disaster Discoveries

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I learned a lot from this book, like where the Nobel Prize came from: Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite. It’s too interesting how “gun powder” was invented. The Chinese weapon names are just too long, like “Nine-Arrow Heart Piercing Magic-Poison Thunderous Fire Erupted.” People needed saltpeter for gunpowder and meat preserves. Manure/dung/scat helps make saltpeter. I agree with Sobrero that he never should have made the explosive nitroglycerine. Yum! Devil’s Porridge. A little spicy! Pow! I’d be scared to ride in a dirigible like the Hindenburg, but they might be safe if they kept working on them.

The “Exploding School” was a little upsetting to read about, but it was still interesting. “Tickling the Dragon Tail” was my favorite story. If I were Slotin, I would change my screwdriver every time. After the bad explosions, scientists found ways to improve things. There’s a cool story about a fifth grader who discovered a new molecule that could be stronger than nitroglycerine.

There are activities in the middle of the book. I tried “Fireworks in a Jar,” and it was successful. I want to try all the experiments! They have a website for NASA’s newest rocket engine.

I wish this book was bigger with more stories. I love this book! I’ll read more of this author’s books. Some of the stories might be a little traumatic for kids under five.

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Author Stephanie Bearce
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 156 pages
Publisher Prufrock Press
Publish Date 2017-Apr-15
ISBN 9781618215741
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Issue August 2017
Category Tweens


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