Traitor’s Blade

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The Greatcoats were mighty swordsmen, legendary defenders of justice, until, one day, they stood aside to let their King be killed. Now they have no hope and no purpose aside from a few vague instructions their King gave them. Falcio and his two friends, all former Greatcoats, are searching for mysterious objects known as the King’s Charoites, but, so far, they’ve found but heartache, pain, and hate. Soon the Greatcoats must decide whether they should remain loyal to the last wishes of a dead king or survive the coming storm.

This book, simply put, was amazing. The plot was quick, engaging, interesting, and clever. Through ingenious use of flashbacks, the author was able to make the story full of action without slogging the reader through miles of bland history. It is full of intertwined subtleties and subplots, all of which tie together beautifully and do nothing to detract from the main sequence of events. The characters, too, were outstandingly written and developed. In a couple of places (like Brasti’s backstory and Falcio’s esoteric powers), I wished for a little more fleshing out , but other than that, this story is perfect. This is by far the best fantasy of the season.

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Author Sebastien de Castell
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Jo Fletcher Books
Publish Date 22-Jul-2014
ISBN 9781623658090
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Issue November 2014
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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