To Catch a Monkey

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Being the sequel of The Mystery of the Old Purse, the book outshined its previous book if that is even possible. This book brings out Calista and Skylar’s real characters and their commitment to do good in this world. The books start out with the introduction that Calista’s dad has lost his job due to a recession. Mr. Read beautifully shows the family’s dire need for money with the stressful moments of panic in the book. Coincidentally a very valuable monkey has escaped. The zoo has proclaimed that whoever catches this monkey can claim a reward. Calista decides to catch this monkey for her family. This helps bring out another one of Calista’s traits. The plot is set mainly based on their efforts to catch the monkey. The book also switched perspectives between different people that are all trying to catch the monkey. While the book is focused on them trying to catch the monkey, there are also many small moments that release images of their real-life and how their day goes. This side-plot includes many smaller mysteries. In this side-plot, you can see what Calista and Skylar’s real intentions are. I would recommend this book to tweens because there are some more mature parts in the book such as drugs and kidnapping. At the same time, the plot is very simple and humorous, so I think tweens will have the best time understanding and enjoying this book. One of the most unique aspects of this book is how easy this plot is to follow. The plot is simple, but there is still so much description and illustrations that are created in your mind. Unlike some series, you didn’t have to read the first book to fully understand this book. There are some parts that refer to this previous book, The Mystery of the Old Purse, but they are many references and they did not impact any understanding of the plot. In conclusion, this book, To Catch a Monkey, binds together heartwarming moments, scary occurrences, and the true message that there are people in the world that have integrity. Not only do Sky and Cali show integrity and respect for others, but when they are showing it, they are teaching others how to show it. Some of the people they teach this too I could never imagine being respectful and kind. This book is heartwarming and inspiring and overall exciting.

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Author Richard Read
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 202 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2015-08-15
ISBN 9781495326011
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Issue January 2020
Category Tweens


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