Thud & Blunder: The Not-So-Evil Wizard

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Thud and Blunder are adventurers. Thud has a hammer. Blunder doesn’t have brains. Suddenly there are noises. There are flying pigs, villagers turned into sheep, and singing cows. A rooster with teeth named Bard tells them an evil wizard did it–and also turned him into a rooster. Thud and Blunder go into the deep, dark forest to get to the Evil Tower of Evil. They meet wild turkeys in the forest. Then they meet wilder turkeys. Then they meet a super wild turkey. Thud and Blunder walk into the tower. Will they kill the wizard? Will Bard bite Blunder in the butt? Read the book to find out.

This book was way better than Thud & Blunder: The Not-So-Helpless Princess. It was more amusing. It made me laugh. The ending was good. The illustrations were pretty good. My favorite picture was when Blunder is racing towards the wizard. There are questions and a glossary at the back. I like the Write About the Adventure questions best. I can read this book myself. This book would be great for flying pigs. I’d like to read more Thud and Blunder books.

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Author Sean Tulien
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 56 pages
Publisher Capstone
Publish Date 2016-08-01
ISBN 9781496532251
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Issue September 2016
Category Children's


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