This Wicked Fate (This Poison Heart)

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Briseis has one final chance to save her mother from the underworld. She must find the last piece of the legendary Absyrtus Heart, and to do so, she must reach out to the relatives she’s never known. By learning to harness her strange abilities and reconnecting herself with her family’s ancient and powerful lineage, Bri hopes that she can gain enough strength to make the dangerous journey.
But Bri is not the only one who wants the heart, and ruthless enemies are on their trail. With the help of her friends and family – including her crush, Marie – can Bri learn to control her otherworldly abilities and save her mother?

This book was so creative! I loved that Greek mythology was one of the focal points of the book, while still having a new twist on what might seem like reused material. The writing was beautiful – as lush, vibrant, and secretive as the greenery within, and I never got bored of reading. Every description was like a mental painting, without going overboard with the words. The development of the characters was realistic and compelling, and each of them was interesting and unique. I would highly recommend this to any fantasy lover!

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Author Kalynn Bayron
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury
Publish Date 21-Jun-2022
ISBN 9781547609208
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Issue July 2022
Category Young Adult