This Is a Whoopsie!

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Follow clumsy Moose on his adventure as he goes crashing through the forest. Moose is supposed to be guiding and teaching others all about moose and what they can do as he goes through the book. However, Moose does not feel confident he is the right Moose for the job as he clumsily crashes his way through the forest. He finds that he is not as fast or agile as he describes moose to be. Just when Moose is feeling down, his friend Bird is there to keep encouraging him and reminds of all the great things he can do.

This story is fun to read and has a positive outlook on when you are feeling down in the dumps–you can always look at the positive attributes of yourself, others, or a situation. The illustrations of this book are absolutely comical, like when the moose goes crashing through the book and through the forest. The illustrations depict what real friendship between Moose and Bird is all about. The lesson in the book is that even if you fall down a lot, you can always get back up again!

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Author Andrew Cangelose • Josh Shipley
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Cub House
Publish Date 2018-10-16
ISBN 9781941302873
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Issue Mar-19
Category Children's


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