Things that Go Burp! in the Night

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When night comes, not everyone is asleep in the house. Ten mice are on the move. What the ten mice find, or are looking for, are nine carrots, eight macaroni pieces, seven blueberries, six orange wedges, five grapes, four peas, three crackers, two bananas and…uh oh. Is that one of the mice’s biggest enemies? What do they find in the very end?

The author has written a cute, original, and entertaining story that combines counting and rhyming. The illustrations cover two pages across and are bright and colorful. There is a box that has the number and the food that you must find in the picture, so it is a fun activity book.

The mice have funny, cartoonish figures and are funny – for example their bodies become overly large after they eat. The illustrations also include many real photographs of food mixed up with the drawings, so this is a nice book to introduce children to a variety of delicious-looking foods like roast chicken, grapes, strawberries, chocolate chip muffins, and cookies.

This concept would make a good series for other books and different characters instead of the mice with food. I would recommend this phenomenal book for children ages three to five years because it introduces the concept of numbers and foods in a lively, funny way. For older children, it’s still a great story with some surprise!

This is a story that will make you smile and want a snack.

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Author Lynne Moerder
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Hyperdon
Publish Date 12-May-2015
ISBN 9781484716694
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Issue May 2015
Category Children's


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