They Just Know: Animal Instincts

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A caterpillar does not need to be told to eat its leaves. A butterfly does not need to be held by the wing to start flying. When it is time, they all know what to do.

A horn shark is not told to be careful swimming until he is ready to do it on his own… and does not need a nightlight when it is dark.

A young ladybug needs time for her shell to harden, but she does not need to be told to be careful or wearing a helmet.

Nobody teaches the frogs to leap, or to sing. Turtles do not need to be held by hand as they reach for the ocean for the first time. And snakes do not need help when they shed their old skin to grow a new one.

For all these animals, their mothers just lay the eggs and go away. When the eggs hatch, the little hatchlings know what to do. It is called instinct.

Little children, instead, need help, love, hugs and toys… and their parents.

This book was very interesting because I never thought about the fact that animals do not have parents or teachers helping them or teaching them, like us kids.

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Author Robin Yardi
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publish Date 10-Sep-2015
ISBN 9781628556346
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Issue November 2015
Category Children's


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