The Wolf Who Learned Self-Control

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A book about a wolf who learned self-control, hmmm. This was not a very captivating book about a wolf who learned self-control because his moods would change very frequently but left the reader with an important message about an important life skill. For example, the wolf went through cycles of emotions very rapidly. He would be happy for a little bit, then he would be frustrated, then he would be angry, and so on. But at the end, he achieved the art of self-control. However, I did not think the plot was believable because how does running help you learn self-control, and how can animals talk? I did not get to know the characters very well because most of the time the author was talking about what his friends did to help him learn self-control. The author also didn’t include many juicy adjectives describing the character. I thought the story was well written with a good flow and story line. The moral of the story was that one should learn to have self-control. I thought the illustrations were well done. The bright and colorful illustrations depicted the story really well. For example, when the wolf was trying to build a fort, there was a bright, colorful illustration of him building a fort. I think five years of age and younger children should read this book because I think learning self-control at those ages is an important skill to learn. This book reminded me of the book The Three Ninja Pigs because at the end of the book the wolf learned self-control. I think all you five year olds out there should read this book.

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Author Orianne Lallemand • Eléonore Thuillier, Illustrator
Star Count 1/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Auzou
Publish Date 2018-Sep-04
ISBN 9782733861479
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Issue January 2019
Category Children's


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