The Will and the Forest

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Today was the day whether they knew it or not. For Ashlund, it was the day she would finally leave the town she calls home. For Herbert and his practically-a-brother friend Donaldson, it was the day their adventure would begin. For everyone else in the town, it was the day their comfortable lives as they knew it would end.

The day had started normally enough, for a festival day at least. Everybody went through their usual routines. The Branson brothers and their gang picked on Herbert and Donaldson, who ended up being rescued by their other friend Mumphreys, as usual.

It was about this time, after the being rescued part, that things changed, starting with the owlbat. Now owlbats are supposedly extinct, so this was already extremely abnormal. But even weirder was the unreadable letter it brought with it.

This book had a slow start. It was a little bit boring until the clanners arrived and attacked the village, but once things started to happen, it was a lot easier to get into the story. It’s obviously the beginning of a series, so now I want to read the next story and find out what else happens.

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Author Demar
Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 255 pages
Publisher Demar
Publish Date 2/10/2014
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Issue May 2014
Category Tweens


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