The Unbelievable Oliver and the Four Jokers

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Oliver is a boy who wants to be a magician even though he doesn’t even have a full deck of cards! His best friends, Bea and Teenie, somehow get him a gig at one of their classmate’s birthday party. Oliver is not prepared to do a show. While Oliver is thinking of what to do, he goes to a magic store and a strange man gives him a hat with a talking bunny named Benny inside. Oliver and Benny start to get along just in time for the party. At first, the party seems to be going smoothly until one of the birthday boy’s presents goes missing. Oliver, Benny, Bea, and Teenie must solve the mystery before Oliver has to go on stage.

This book was a good read; it is a nice mix between comedy and mystery. I also enjoy the dynamic between Oliver and Benny, like, for instance, how Oliver is more cowardly, and Benny is more into showbiz but somehow they get along so well. I would suggest this for mystery, magic, and comedy lovers of all kinds.

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Author Pseudonymous Bosch
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Dial Books
Publish Date 14-May-2019
ISBN 9780525552321
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Issue July 2019
Category Tweens


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